Sunday, 11 November 2012

Random Bandcamp musings

Hello again, hello. Welcome to another post and another new band (for me at least) do rave about.

This post features a band I discovered  not on M-A (though they are featured) but on Bandcamp whilst listening to Mare Cognitum (see last post).

Hailing from Stuttgart, Germany the 5 piece band Schattenbrandung are a black/doom metal act that were formed in 2009 and have one release under their belts, the snappy titled I-Apophanie from this year.

Over 6 tracks this band explore a large range of styles and variety within the black/doom metal tag. The songwriting is very strong, the musicianship is very tight and the production is excellent. The standout track for me is 'VII' the sixth track which closes the album. Over the 16 minute finale, Schattenbrandung pull out all the stops and show off their talent as the songs flows from blastbeats, mid tempo bm, slow doom to an acoustic section which melds into an Enslaved-style guitar solo that merges into the sound of a thunder clap and falling rain leaving you wanting to hear the whole damn album again.

teaser for I-Apophanie by Schattenbrandung

Definitely an album and band to check out for fans of Enslaved, Cult of Luna and just plain damn good metal. Buy the album and t-shirt at the link below and support this great band.

Saturday, 10 November 2012

More Random Musings

"It's been a long time, been a long long wait" as a wise man once sang. I'm back and with 8 lives two spare. Rejoice! Rejoice! So bring out that fatted calf and put up that bunting gay, your bright and bonny plow boy will so be on his way!

Ahem, sorry bout that, just got a little carried away! After receiving some kind words from Alex Wyld from Morgawr about my post on his band, I've been re-invigorated to do more posts! Yay for kind words from a random stranger!

So to recap: I go onto the Metal-Archives website, push the 'random band' button and write about whichever current /active band appears. And as I've finally discovered Bandcamp , I'll be publishing the band's bandcamp page info (if they have one).

So first up in this brave, new, exciting world is Mare Cognitum

A one man black metal band from Santa Ana, California whose sole member is Jacob Buczarski (who plays all instruments) has released 2 albums so far: 2011's ' The Sea Which Has Become Known' and 2012's 'An Extraconscious Lucidity' both are available on his bandcamp page:

The songs are atmospheric, progressive black metal with  plenty of variety (and great production) to elevate Mare Cognitum from the usual idea of what one-man-black-metal is.

Of the two albums, I find that 'An Extraconscious Lucidity' has more variety, different tempos and better songwriting than the 2011 debut. That's not to say that 'The Sea Which.....' is a bad album, it's not it's a great BM album and one you should check out; but the playing, songwriting and ideas are just more mature and fully realised on the second album making it (for me) a more satisfying listen and an album I go back to time and again. Which makes me even more excited for the third release from Mr. Buczarski, whenever that appears.

For fans of Krallice, Wolves In The Throne Room, Enslaved.

A Vain Lament from 2011 The Sea Which Has Become Known

Degeneracy Pressure from 2012 An Extraconscious Lucidity