Monday, 1 July 2013

Albums I have owned Part One of Many (an occasional series)

I'll be posting various albums I have or I had owned whether on vinyl, cassette, cd; whether I bought it, was given it as a gift or taped it off a friend or downloaded it. Each album will be marked thus: 
favourite tracks/actual tracks on the album.
You may or may not get a little story behind each album (you lucky people!)
After buying singles for over twelve months, I finally bought my first album on my 12th birthday.And what an album it is! One of the great debut albums and one of the few albums that do not have a duff track (IMO) 9/9 

I got this the same day as Led Zeppelin debut. I had heard the classic 'Cat Scratch Fever' on the radio (and subsequently found the single at one of my favourite record stores when I was growing up- ROX in Moreton- don't look for it yadda yadda yadda......) So when I found his new album in the same store as the Zepp one I just had to buy it.
A pretty fine rock'n'roll record with a few more hits than misses. Not as good as his 70's albums but probably his best (ie most consistent) record in the last 30 years 

Favourite tracks: Terminus Eldorado, Come And Get It, Scream Dream.

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