Tuesday, 29 May 2012

a quick one while he's away

This video features two of my favourite bands when I was getting into music: The Beatles and Led Zeppelin.

Growing up on the Wirral (just across the water from Liverpool, in case you didn't know!) I was first aware of the Beatles from my family. My aunt had left her Beatles albums and singles in the house she and my mum grew up (and we subsequently grew up in) when she moved to New York to work as an au pair and so rifleing through her records was a journey of discovery to me.
To be fair, back in those days (late 70's) being from Merseyside/Liverpool and not liking the Beatles was tantamount to heresy and could result in being tarred and feathered and being run out of town on a a rail (whatever that means!). I do remember me and my brother listening to one of the local radio stations (either Radio City or Radio Merseyside) doing a weekly show called 'Beatles A-Z' where they played every Beatles song in alphabetical order. It was when they got to Revolution #9 that my brother had a little freak out and refused to listen to the song due to what he had read on the back cover sleevenotes of the 'Yellow Submarine' album! If I remember correctly my mum told me off for upsetting him and turned the radio off for 10 minutes until she was certain the song was over and my brother had calmed down! (I listened to the song some time later and really couldn't see what the fuss was about!)

Led Zeppelin was a different matter. One of my best friends (Lee) lived in the same street as me and we went to the same school (and our dads both worked on the railway) and so after school I would go round to his house and listen to the records that he and his older brother had. Bad Company, Free, Thin Lizzy, Rush, and of course Led Zeppelin. Most of the time it was 'Physical Graffiti' or 'Led Zeppelin III' (I was fascinated by the spinning wheel front cover!) that we listened to, and I remember that my first album I bought with my own money was Led Zeppelin I from John Menzies for the princely sum of  £2.99 (which back in 1980 was a lot of money for a 12 year old!)

Anyway, this preamble is just an excuse to play the Beatnix (from an Australian tv show) performing 'Stairway To Heaven in the style of the Beatles circa 1963/4.



  1. Glad you jumped on the Beatles' band wagon and weren't run out of town on a rail! Whatever that is, it does not sound like it would be pleasant!

    Love your storytelling and the Beatnix's version of Stairway To Heaven is an original, just like you. Excellent! x

  2. Thanks Knotty, glad you enjoyed the post!