Friday, 24 February 2012

So, let's play a game!

So I recently got tagged by Intricate Knot (sounds a tad rude n'est pas?) over at My Blog and Role Fantasy to answer some questions she had devised ( as she had answered some questions that had been devised by another blogger, who had answered questions devised by another blogger, who......well you get the point).
So to continue this merry tradition of general nosiness (Hah!) here are the questions followed by my answers (well who's answers would they be followed by? The Pope's? Unlikely after that last incident we had with Red Bull, a paint gun and two hookers from Marmaris.........but that's another story for another time)

1. What are you OCD about? Come on, I know there must be something!
    Let's see...well..........
My cds have to be in alphabetical order (as did my albums, singles and tapes in my youth)
When I lived in the UK the kettle ALWAYS had to be filled with water but now I'm out here in L.A. there ALWAYS has to be water in the water jug and at least two bottles of water chilling in the fridge.

2. What's the most recent music/album you've purchased and would you recommend it?
I actually purchased 3 cds last month (I usually like to buy 3 or 4 in one go, when funds allow!) and I'd recommend all three!

Mourning Beloveth: A Murderous Circus-  lovely doom/death metal from Ireland

Sig:Ar:Tyr: Godsaga- Viking-inspired black metal (with a hint of folk) from Canada. Very epic!

Old Corpse Road/ The Meads of Asphodel: split ep-  UK black metal wonderfulness from OCR and inspired crust/punk covers from one of my favourite bands (the Meads, natch.)

3. Which fictional character would you like to interview and what is your first question?
Ferris Bueller and my first question is: 'Dude, where's my car?'

4. Cake or pie? And what flavour?
Cake! No..Pie!....No, Cake!.....No, pie! No, wait let me have a quick think............ARRRGHHHHHHHHHH! Way too complicated a question! Can't we just agree to have cake AND pie and let both sides live out the rest of their lives side by side in piece(s)? Oh and for flavour? Chocolate filled with chocolate with a chocolate layer in the middle, and on top........and around the edges......oooooh and sprinkles too!

5. What is your best quality?
My ability to laugh at myself frequently (usually when I'm naked) and to laugh at others more frequently (usually when they are clothed)

6.  What's your book or movie favourite: vampires, zombies or werewolves and why?
Not zombies. They're just a bunch of rotting, useless, stinky corpses..........eeeeeeeewwwwwwww!
I'm torn between werewolves and vampires. Both have really cool points:

Werewolf pros: killing and eating people; hot, hot, HOT outdoor animal sex; being naked; having Creedence Clearwater Revival play when you transform; heightened sense of smell-very important to sniff out all that hot animal sex; big, sharp teeth- very important during hot animal sex; being one with nature and mother earth while your having hot, outdoor, animal sex.
Werewolf cons: Fleas, bear traps.

Vampire pros: Living for eternity (give or take a few years); having a cool East European accent; living in a castle in the mountains; being able to command sensual, large busted ladies to frolic about with you and do naughty, rudey things with you, being able to fly (as a bat); having a servant; looking sexy in a black leather one-piece body suit
Vampire cons: pale complexion, having to drag a coffin filled with the earth of your homeland around with you, garlic; crosses; garlic bread, hot cross buns; hot cross garlic buns; sparkling; sunlight.

And the winner, outdoor animal sex!

7. Do you have a junk drawer and what do you usually throw in it? Please be more specific than junk or more junk.
My junk drawer mainly contains papers, cards,  cords, bunny ears, bread, apples, very small rocks, cider, gravy, cherries, mud, churches, lead and a duck.

8. If could strike up a conversation with an inanimate object, what is the object and what are you talking about?
My brain and I'll be asking him where he's been hiding these last forty years or so!

All good, clean fun (whatever that means!) Hope you played along at home even if it's with yourself.


  1. Love, love, LOVE your answers to my questions, MrGG! I knew you would not disappoint and you FAR exceeded my expectations. Can't wait for you to get your blog "live" so others can enjoy as much as I do your sense of humour and excellent writing style. x

  2. Thanks again for the kind words Knotty (and the awesome questions). The idea of putting my blog out 'live' is a little scary but it will soon come, mark my words.

  3. Love the answers to all your questions also. Your dilemma about chosing to be a zombie a vampire or a werewolf......well dah! I knew right away the werewolf would win for the fact that you could be naked. I know how important being naked is to you much to my horror.

    Me personally no thought on this whatsoever (the dilemma that is)....I chose vampires. I want to be immortal. I want to be young forever and not have to wear glasses or feel sick. I want to seek revenge on all those who have hurt my feelings, made me cry or who were just not nice to me.

    There are a lifetime of books to read, places to go and things to do.....

    So you can be a wolf running around naked in the woods and I will be sitting in the dark lurking and watching.........