Thursday, 2 February 2012

One Man And His Thought(s)

So, as I'm having difficulty in deciding how and what to do with this blog, I've come up with a stop-gap solution.

I visit a site called (Encyclopaedia Metallum) which is devoted to chronicaling every heavy metal that has ever existed or will ever exist. It's a really good site and very useful as a tool to check out new bands, album reviews etc. Acts are listed alphabetically, by genre, country of origin and they always have a 'random band' link which (when clicked) will take you to.........a random band within their pages! So with that in mind I'll be logging onto the MA home page, pressing the random band link, finding a band listed as active, listening to said random band and posting my findings on here........ hopefully one band per day (provided my get up and go hasn't got up and went).

Today's band:  HUMAN COMETH

They're a 5 piece band from Orebro, Sweden with 2 self-released albums under their belt: 'Evolution' (2010) and 'HCII' (2011)

 Human Cometh play good old fashioned melodic heavy metal with a large dash of prog thrown in. The songs and the riffs are extremely catchy and the production on the tracks I've heard is top-notch. They have a new singer in Eric Johns (ex-Simple Aggression and David T.Chastain's group Southern Gentlemen) replacing the original guy Kaj Roth and the change in singers is noticeable but not a detriment, in fact Eric's vocals seem to add a little more 'roughness' to the band's sound. To my (old) ears, they sound like a heavier version of Magnum, early Marillion (a real heavy version) and 80's prog metal bands like Pallas and IO.

If you enjoy power metal, prog metal and good old fashioned heavy metal with great riffs, great songs and fantastic solos then check out Human Cometh asap!


  1. Kick-ass tunes! Love all the music you introduce that otherwise may go unnoticed.

    1. That's the beauty of the 'random band' button you never know what will turn up.