Monday, 13 February 2012

Random Musings

After my hugely successful posting about Human Cometh (seriously check it out!) I've deceided to take a break from the foul Anglo-Saxon language and feature another random band from Metal Archives.

To recap: M-A (aka Encyclopedia Metallum) ( has made it their mission to compile and collate every heavy metal that has ever existed into one easy-to-use website. They have a 'random band' button that when you press it, it takes you to a random band! And you can see all their information! Record releases! Band members! Where they came from! Whether or not they are still active! Facebook/Myspace/website links!

So I press a button, get taken to a band page and viola! another post for you all to enjoy!

Today's push of the button leads me to a band called Aesir from Cornwall in the UK.

Aesir were an unsigned/independent act who played symphonic folk metal, put out 2 self-released EP's and one split album in 2008 with Sons Of Apollyon ('Alliance' on Wyldstone). Then, after a few line-up and style changes, they began again as Morgawr and began to delve into Cornish and Celtic mythology and fuse it with black, folk, power and progressive metal. The result is an independent release in 2010 called 'Blood Saga'.

The name Morgawr is taken from a mythological sea creature that lives off the coast of Falmouth Bay in Cornwall, the band are a four piece and have had a song featured on Rock Band 2 and Rock Band 3.

After countless Pagan/Folk/Black metal bands from Europe (in particular Scandinavia) it's refreshing to hear a British band pull off this style of music successfully. Alongside Old Corpse Road, the Meads of Asphodel, Winterfylleth and Wodensthrone, Morgawr are one of the few UK bands (that I'm aware of) to sing about their Celtic/Briton heritage and the use of tin whistles and jew's harp in the songs add to the 'folk' feel.  The album is well worth seeking out and can be listened to here:

A band to watch.


  1. AWESOME! Really love your Style (capitol "S"), MrGG! You're not just fun, but informative, too! I'm digging Morgawr (and love their logo, very cool!). Will have to check out Old Corpse, si I'm very intrigued. ;)

  2. Oh! And of the two, my fav is Herlathing.

  3. Thanks Knotty! Your first comment made me laugh really hard! I hope I can keep you intrigued!

  4. You've been tagged MrGG! If you have a chance, please check out the questions I have for you! :)

  5. just stumbled onto this while doing a google search, thanks for the kind words, hopefully we'll have some new music out soon. theres about 6 unrecorded songs we have to release!