Thursday, 2 February 2012


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So, in part one we had three songs that contained swearing and in this post we have (drum roll please).............. three songs that have swearing in it! Cosmic!!

1. Dj Shadow: GDMFSOB (The Private Press)

I do like some dance and some old-school hip-hop/rap and so this track is one of my favourties and features my favourite hip-hop artist Roots Manuva.
I've no idea where the original swearing clips come from (I'm presuming they're from movies. I was under the impression some of them came from 'Play Misty For Me' but that's not been verified) but I love the way they mix into the song.
Another song with a chorus you can sing along too

2. Sex Pistols-Bodies (Never Mind The Bollocks)

Never mind all the hype, this is one of the best rock and roll records ever released and one of the best examples of swearing in music. Play loud and play often!

3. Rage Against The Machine- Killing In The Name Of (Rage Against The Machine)

Yeah, it's kind of an obvious choice but it's still a very effective use of  repetitive swearing. You can feel the anger build and simmer and when he first starts his rant, it sounds like a spoilt child throwing a tantrum and yet through repitition (and the ending scream of 'motherfucker') makes this a very effective and powerful song.

Stay tuned for part three children for more offensive fun

*reader's voice: "Fuck you I won't do what you tell me!"*

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