Thursday, 2 February 2012


Well hello kinder! Welcome back to another fun-tabulous, splendifferous, fucking brilliant blog post!

Part three takes a slight departure and features one of my favourite bands The Meads of Asphodel, an experimental, black-metal band from the UK which mixes black metal, punk, keyboards, Hawkwind, religion, fake newscasts, rants, the Crusades (both anicent and modern), Monty Python-inspired lunacy and the occasional Zorba The Greek reference into one huge delightful mess of noise. Oh and the odd swear word or 8 thrown in. There last album was a concept piece about the murder of Jesus the Jew and their next album is another concept album telling the Holocaust through the eyes of the Jewish Sonnerkommando [these were the unfortunate workers who removed the corpses from the gas chambers, and after removing teeth/hair and valuables, cremated them]. 

First up a little christmas music:

1. All Things Bright And Shit (Terrorizer Ear Candy 36)

My first introduction to the Meads was via Terrorizer magazine's free cd on their xmas issue. I listened to it and burst out laughing and haven't stopped since. I find the Meads capable of making me bang my head and laugh out loud at the same time, usually within the same verse! I love this band and have made it my intention to track down and enjoy all their releases.

2. Aborted Stygian Foetus (In The Name Of God, Welcome To Planet Genocide)

Not the whole song but the 8 minute or so speech at the end of the cd (fast forward past the end of ASF until you hear the bells)
This is another reason why I love the Meads. The rants, the use of the gospel choir, the passion in Metatron's voice as he rallies against everything that is dragging this world down into a mire of shite.
When I lived in Edinburgh, I had a radio show on Fresh Air ( and was lucky to do one of my shows just before christmas. I started the show with the Meads' "All Things Bright And Shit",played some nasty metal, put this speech towards the end of my show, signed off with "God bless us each and every one of us!" and ended with the Mothers of Invention track 'Weasels Ripped My Flesh' (go check the track out!)
Glorious days indeed!

3.On Graven Images I Glide Beyond the Monstrous Gates of Pandemonium to Face the Baptized Warriors of Yahweh in the Skull Littered Plain of Esdraelon

Now that's what I call a song title!

More or less everything you need to know about why I love the Meads is in this song. The drums, the Arabic sounding instruments, the voices, the cut-ups, the sound effects, the music, the dark humour.
I just wish I had found this album before I did my aforementioned radio show but oh well. :)

Check out their website at:

The Meads of Asphodel: There for the nasty things in life


  1. AWESOME post!! Loved the music vids and your descriptions are spot on. Will definitely have to check out more of the Meads. LOVE that you "bang your head and laugh out loud" at the same time and after hearing the clips, I totally get it! Keep up the excellent work, MrGG! :)

  2. Thanks Knotty for the kind words and the support! ;)